Commercial Vendor Index
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This is just an index to help people find things. It doesn't include reviews, any suggestion of approval and/or suitability or anything like that - keep this in mind!

Also, this index only covers applications running 'Native' under Linux - not those under the * iBCS2 (SCO et al) emulation, the *DOS or the *WINE emulator.
Of course, this page doesn't list free software either and you are well advised to look through the freebies first. In some areas you get some pleasant suprises! A very complete list of *scientific software is maintained by


The popular PC accounting package now available for Linux
Nine integrated accounting modules built on C/Base.
*Compuwork Insurance Agency Software
Vertical market Insurance Agency Software
Account management for internet providers

Alternative X Servers

*Accelerated X
High performance X server (> 1,000,000 X stones with a Matrox Millenium)
*Metrolink Metro-X
X servers, X applications, Motif for just about every PC Unix

Diskless Boot ROM's

Diskless boot rom for Linux

Backup Tools

Sophisticated multiplatform backup tool.
Menu driven network aware graphical archiving tool. Tar compatible.

Business Suites

Applix for Linux. Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation groupware more
Modular word processor, calculator, e-mail, database etc
Inexpensive Unix office groupware and email.
High powered groupware environment.
*SmartWare PLUS
Relational Database, Report Generator, Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Application Developer

CAD Tools

2D CAD systems with parametric, constraint and feature based modelling.
Vanilla VHDL
An IEEE 1076(1987) standard VHDL analysis and simulation system
VARKON - High level CAD and Product modelling tool


Beeperware 1.3
Alpha-Numeric pager and mail interfaces.
High functionality Faxing software
Multimedia Internet Mail Tool
Viacrypt Commercial PGP for Linux (only relevant to the USA).
Alphanumeric paging software with WWW interface.
Corporate Scheduling/Task Management Tool
Internet Groupware Tool.
Mail reading tool.
Graphical X windows Email system from NCD

Data Analysis

Distributed computation tool across clusters of Linux Boxes
Graph Visualisation Tool (free for non commercial use)
*Knowledge Seeker
Data analysis and prediction system
High powered linear finite element tools and photorealistic visualiser
Visual data anaylsis and exploration tools


Software-AG's large scale RDBMS.
C database file management library including source.
Conetic 4GL database application development system.
CQL++ Database management system including C++ source
*C-Tree Plus
Multiplatform client server database with ODBC
Database Illustrator
Entity Diagramming Tool.
An ODBC/SQL database engine with web support.
Upcompatible Informix C-ISAM library for DOS/Linux with source.
Personal and multi-user database. Embedded SQL, language interfaces,
4GL tools, interface builder, ODBC.
Clipper compatible database for Linux. Allows clipper programs to run on Linux.
Informix style SQL database and C interface which can be used to replace the Informix ESQL/C libraries. 100% compatible with Informix-SE. AccountFlex provides modules for purchasing, accounts payable, general ledger etc.
Infoflex Incorporated, +1 415 697 6045
Just Logic SQL
Multiuser SQL Server.
Client server database with ODBC and WWW interfaces.
Client/Server database using FOXPRO compatible dbf files and xBase operations.
Object oriented database for a wide variety of systems.
Relational database with unix shell script integration.
Relational DBMS and 4GE with development tools.
Flat file database manager for applications where a large RDBMS is not justified
*SOLID Server
High performance component based RDBMS.
SQL Server
ANSI SQL server for Linux, C API, C++ SQL classes.
Multiplatform SQL database with ODBC interfaces available and interfaces to VBIX(visual basic on UNIX).
+1 408 378 9935 (fax)

Desktop Environments

*CDE for Linux
Common Desktop Environment for Linux
*CDE for Linux
Common Desktop Environment for Linux
*Freedom Desktop
Windows style desktop/program manager/file manager.
*Looking Glass (aka Caldera Network Desktop)
Proven X windows desktop.
*Unix Cockpit
Multiwindow X11 file manager

Development Tools

Complete COBOL environment, with source code debuggers.
*Mjølner BETA object oriented programming system.
BGI Graphical Toolkit
An implementation of Borland BGI with integrated mouse/SVGA drivers.
*Comeau C++ 4.0
Major C++ feature upgrade including enhanced templates, exception handling,
*Crynwr Software
Custom Linux network driver development and support from the people who produced the DOS packet driver collection.
Distributed Interface Object System Server. X/Motif development tool
Dynace Object Oriented Extension To C
ISE Eiffel 3 libraries, GUI tools, incremental Eiffel compilers, integrated workbench.
HTML to help tool system including RTF, HTML and graphics, searching etc.
Runtime debugging system for C and C++, track memory leaks, corruption etc..
*INT EditTable and ChartObject Library
Flexible tool and table editing/layout facilities for X windows.
An APL derivative language.
MATLIB for Linux. Mathematical function libraries for scientific C++ code.
The Miranda programming system.
*MKS Code Integrity
C language code integrity tool
*NAG Fortran 90
Full fortran 90 environment and libraries including HPF. //
*NAS Fortran 90 and HPF
Linux Fortran 90, and Fortran 90 for clustered Linux boxes using PVM. //
C++ to HTML, MIF and Java document generator
Oberon-2 to C translator. Full language support.
Objective C
Stepstone based objective C for Linux.
*Poplog 15.0
Multilanguage programming environment (includes POP11, Prolog, CLISP, SML compilers)
High level ONC RPC Development tools.
Reusable programming libraries.
Commercla software porting service from Windows to Linux/Unix
Highly portable standard drawing library suitable for small ROM based applications.
Scientific Instrumentation Libraries
Libraries and drivers for Silicon Video MUX, DSP and other devices.
Schema based development tool.
Interface and application generator for Motif.
Shareware graphical debugger front end for GDB from HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH.
Willows windows to unix cross platform environment. provides win3.1 and more.
Eiffel 3 compiler, tools and reusable components.
A version of the IBM originated Rexx scripting/integration language.
Visual Basic (tm) compatible runtime engine for Linux.
*View Designer/X
Object oriented Motif application designer and code generator.
MS-Windows API library for Curses.
MS-Windows API library for Motif
32bit basic compiler and GUI development tools
Multiplatform Modula-2/Oberon-2 development system generating x86 or C
*XRT Widget Set
Object oriented Motif look and feel widget set.

Editors/Word Processing

*American Heritage Dictionary/Roget's Thesarus
200,000 world online dictionary with GUI tools and a 500,000 word thesarus.
Multiplatform X windows editing tool modelled on Apollo DM. Linux version is free.
X windows graphical programmers editor 100% compatible with BRIEF(r). Colourised editing and other features.
Structured Doument editor for X windows.
Graphical editor with class browsers, RCS, file locking etc.
Integrated development tools include dataflow->programming language support.
IBM Xedit style X windows and character mode editor.
SlickEdit (character based) is a customizable programmers' editor with Brief, Emacs, and VI emulations.
*Visual SlickEdit(R)
Visual SlickEdit (GUI) customizable editor. Visual SlickEdit has CUA, Brief, Emacs, and vi emulations.
*Word Perfect 6 for Linux
Wordperfect for Linux from Caldera.
Desktop publishing for Linux/X.

Electronic Design

Verilog simulator


Motif based 3270 terminal emulator including many of the 3270 extensions.
ARDI's macintosh emulator for PC's
Emulator that runs Windows programs under Linux and XWindows.

Fan Items

*Fan Items
Linux T shirts, mouse mats, coasters and more.
*MKLinux T Shirts
PowerMAC Linux T shirts featuring the Apple "penguin on mac" logo.

Financial Management

*BB Tool
Stock and portfolio management system.

Graphics and Visualisation

* CorelDraw 3.5
The world famous CorelDraw graphics package for Linux.
Data analysis and graphics plotting.
Aladdin Enterprises commercial Ghostscript (postscript interpreter) licensing support and upgrades.
Embeddable high powered graphics and image processing tools
*Linux For Astronomy
Everything astronomical for Linux (AIPS, ASSIST, glish, IRAF, SOAtng etc)
3D visualisation, modelling and photorealistic renderer.
High power graphing tool.
C library for doing colour plots.
HP Scanjet interface direct into the XV image manipulation tool.

GUI Development Tools

*Evans & Sutherland's port of Silicon Graphics GL development environment.
Open Inventor to follow.
*Metro OpenGL
Optimised OpenGL, OpenGL server support to follow.
XInside OpenGL
SWiM 1.2.3 Motif Runtime & Development.
[See also Distributors of Linux]
An object-oriented framework for developing GUI applications.
DOS/Linux windowing libraries with source.


4GL integrated accounting, manufacturing and distribution information system.
Award wining GUI hypermedia environment for Unix.
Document management, PIM, and terminal controllers.
Build graphical integration front ends to any unix application.

Job Control/Management

*SuperScheduler & SuperSpooler
Job scheduling and management via event-based scheduling, with networked machine load balancing.
Batch job queue management.


A symbolic manipulator for dynamics. In the spirit of mathematica and Matlab. Also AlPlot a preprocessor for GnuPlot., mark "attention Paul Mitiguy"
Waterloo Software Maple V for Linux.
Matlab to C++ convertor
Symbolic mathematical package.
MATLAB for Linux. This package needs ELF

Music Composition

Large X based professional music notation and printing system with MIDI input.
*Ceres SoundStudio
Multi-track recorder, mixer and effect module.

Multimedia & Videoconferencing

*Remote System Technologies Ltd.
Multimedia Communication Server, RemoteVideo/X, Real-Time Video Communications, CommonSketch, Shared whiteboard and interactive graphics tool.

Security Products

*Mazama Software Labs, Inc.
Advanced Internet Security Software which runs on the Linux OS.
*The Mazama Packet Filter firewall.


POSIX/ISO compliant Korn shell.


Powerful spreadsheet with matrix, fourier transform, linear regression etc.
WingZ 1.4 for Linux (released shareware)
Spreadsheet for Linux/X

Linux Training

*Linux Installation And Beyond
A two and a half hour instructional video.
Unix Auto-Tutor
Automatic unix self teaching tutor for Linux and book.

World Wide Web And Internet Tools

*AEX Discussion Server
Groupware discussion system using WWW technology.
*AOL Server
AOLserver 2.1 threaded web server for Linux
HTML3 text editor for X/Motif driving Netscape and Mosaic for previews.
Interactive animation design and client tools for Web pages
Secure web server
NNTP based newsserver with smart caching/fetching and other features.
Microsoft FrontPage web server extensions.
Check and scan links on a site. Generate site maps.
M-Tech develops secure distributed database applications based on Linux
*Magma Chat Server
Web server optimised for continuous stream real time data.
Electronic Commerce system.
A mini WWW browser that presents information as a ticker tape.
*RealAudio Client
Compressed audio feeds over the internet.
Non US commercial SSL web server with full 128bit encryption.
*Spry/Compuserve WWW Server
Secure Web server with S-HTTP support.
Multimedia video/audio on-demand servers and clients (client is free).
Commercial Apache web server with full 128bit SSL support.
Sybase driven web serving system via Apache.
Template driven web site creation system.
Web traversing robot kit.
Multiplatform web/database integration tool
Personal web scanning and index building agent.
Flagship application and development environment for Web and databases.
*Web Server CD-ROM
Linux and other OS tools for web page building, CGI etc.
Interactive visitor tracking and site tailoring.
Logfile analysis tool including page to page flows.
High performance threaded web server.

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