RESEARCH INTEREST PRIORITIES include the history of the Russian-American Company and the parallels between the business and political climates in Russia, both in the past and today. I maintain a special focus on the History of the Orthodox Church in America, in particular the period 1794-1867. I also examine the history of Russian businesswomen and of women in Russian America, for example the activities of Nataliia A. Shelikhova (founder of the Russian-American Company), Alexander A. Baranov, who was the Chief Manager of Russian America from 1790 until 1818, as well as the operations of such organizations as Astor's American Fur Company and the Hudson's Bay Company.

My research interests led me to serve as managing secretary of the international conference dedicated to the Bicentennial of the Russian-American Company (1799-1999.) I am also participating in the multimedia English-Russian project Meeting of Frontiers that tells the story of the meeting of the Russian-American frontier in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, which grew out of discussion between members of Congress, in particular Alaska Senator Ted Stevens and James Billington, the Librarian of Congress. I have been discussed the project and my research with both Senator Stevens  and Dr. Billington

GENERAL RESEARCH INTERESTS include the history of the USA and Russia as well as political science reserch on both countries.

CURRENT REPORT on my research and related activity, together with either texts or outlines of my lectures and seminars from March through September 2001, has been presented to the Kenan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington D.C. See report



"G.I. Shelikhov ; Founder of the Russian-American Company"

"The Role of the State in the Formation of the Russian-American Company"


The Russian Orthodox Mission and Priest-monk Afanasii’s “Secret”, 1824-1826

The Role of the State in the Formation of the Russian-American Company (Summary)

Nataliia Shelikhova: Her Unique and Influential Involvement in the
Merchantile and Imperial Russian Arenas

I plan to post more of  my writings here shortly.  I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. Thank you for your interest.

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