Choir on stage Grand Holl of Moscow Conservatoire
The Academic Music College Choir of The Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire is one of the oldest musical ediucational istitution founded in 1891. The choir conductor and its artistic director is a ctltbrated musician Leonid Pavlov, an Honoured Artist of Russia. L. Pavlov finished the Moscow Thaikovsky Conservatoire. His lecturers were prof. A. Sveshnikov, V. Sokolov, S. Kazansky.
The choir members are future professional singers and choirmasters. This youth choir is continuing and developing the best tradition of Russia choirus singing.
There are spiritual composition by D.Bortnyansky, P. Tchaikovsky, S. Rakhmaninov,A. Arkhangelsky, P. Chesnokov as well as Russian and Ukrain folk songs, works of outstanding modern composers like D. Shostakovich, G. Sviridov, R. Shedrin, items of the West-European classical music and Large symphony compositions in theire repertoire. 
The choir performances are alwayse an inevitable success in the best concert halls of Moscow and other cities. It has many times been recorded both by radio and television..
The choir conductor - an Honoured Artist of Russia
Leonid Pavlov
In 1991 the choir was the first and third winner at the International polyphonic competition "Gvido d'Arezzo" (Italy).The same yeare it took part in an International choral Christmas music festival in Battipalia (Italy) and sang in the Vatican in the presence of the Pope Johan Paul II. In 1993 the choir was rewarded with a special Peace prize at an International competition in Corc (Ireland). "The choir's perfomances are extraordinarily expressive and especially when performing Russia music ("Ave Maria" by S. Rakhmaninov) they have shown their brethtakingly deep interpretation" ("Irish Times", April 1993)
In December 1995 the Choir was on tour in Finland.
Russian folk songs:
"In the dark wood" - arr. A. Sveshnikov (1890-1981) 
"Down-streame the mother-river Volga" - arr. A.Sveshnikov 
"Bright moon is shine" - arr. A. Sveshnikov
"Oh, girls backing home" - arr. A. Sveshnikov
The compositions of the Russian classics and
the modern composers:
D. Bortnyansky (1751-1825) - concertos ¹15, ¹32; cherub songs ¹2, ¹7
P. Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) - "Liturgy of Ioan Zlatoust ¹¹10, 11; "Sleeping golden cloudlet"
S. Rakhmaninov (1873-1943) - "Night service" ¹¹1, 5, 6, 15; "Shining for You"
A. Arkhangelsky (1846-1924) - concert for choir
Anonym XVIII c. - "Many Years"
G. Sviridov (b. 1915) - 3 fragment from "Pushkin's garland" - "Echo", "Natasha", "Daybreak"
R. Shedrin (b. 1932) - 4 choirs for Tvardovsky verses
Tatiana Goncharenko and 
Nikolai Osipovcky
Pope's audience for choir Johan Paul II
Western music:
Mozart - Requiem
Shubert - Messe G-dur
Bach - Motet "Lobert den Herrn alle Heiden"
Brukner - Introitus
Palestrina - 2 motets
Gabrieli - Kyrie
Donato - Galiarda
Skarlatti - Motet
Tompson - Alleluia
American songs

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