To choose the dose - that's the question. 
  To choose the DOSE - that's the answer!


DOSE is an abbreviation meaning Determine Optimal Stocks Efficiently. This is  a common name for the two software products DOSE-TRADE and DOSE-SERVICE solving optimal inventory control problems for trading enterprises and tech service enterprises. The author of these products is G.B. Rubalsky, Doctor of Science ( .

Both products work under Windows 95 and later. They are bilingual: if Russian is set as  Windows language, then the user interface will be Russian, otherwise - English.

Each DOSE is supplied with a help file, containing the operating instructions and in-depth explanations.

The reasons to get acquainted with DOSE depend upon which state among those listed below is closest to yours.

The present versions of software products are supplied only for evaluation!

Each DOSE is installed by running a self-extracting file. It does not affect any Windows system file and deleting the folder created by self-extractor is sufficient to uninstall the product. 

Download DOSE-TRADE (333Kb)        Download DOSE-SERVICE (634Kb)

Web-sites, where not only DOSE but a warm  reception and useful information are guaranteed for you: ListSoft   LogisticsWorld   freeSOFT

You have no idea of mathematical inventory control theory but would like to know what it is about.
You will probably agree that among conditions for success of a trading enterprise the ability to avoid overstocks and lengthy stock-outs is not the least. These ailments occur when the timing and the volume of purchases are badly coordinated with sales.

Demand, determining the volume of sales, is usually formed by random factors and   to influence it using such methods as advertising and sales-out is rather expensive. On the other hand you can usually order replenishments when and as many as you wish, so purchases are easily controlled. The question is how to find optimal timing and volume of purchases on the basis of random demand characteristics and replenishment pattern. Intuitive (or rule of thumb) solutions in this case are not very efficient. 

Efficient solutions of such problems are due to mathematical inventory control theory developed by many economists and mathematicians from various countries over the last half century. DOSE-TRADE implements the latest achievements of this theory.

The main premise for its successful implementation is relative stability of the trading enterprise (constant suppliers, stable demand, technological discipline) and there are no other stumbling stones. 

DOSE-SERVICE can calculate optimal full stocks for any number of stored spare parts on the basis of minimal input data and taking into account the most important quantitative indices of service level. 

You have met with similar programs and would like to know how DOSE differs from these.
Beginning from 70's there appeared on Western markets numerous program implementations of mathematical inventory control models often built in trading control systems as modules producing recommended orders. Mostly they were continuous-review models with demand described either by Poisson or normal distribution. DOSE-TRADE can solve problems with compound Poisson demand for continuous-review case as well as for periodic and random opportunities for replenishments . This approach  is  more adequate and gives (as simulation experiments with real-life data show)  much better solutions. In addition to usual two-level control policies DOSE-TRADE can find optimal policies with fixed case size. It always uses exact methods and finds global optimum in acceptable time. It has a built-in simulation block which allows quantitative efficiency comparison of  your existing inventory control system with DOSE.


DOSE-SERVICE gives you a choice of three replenishment patterns and three recovery patterns for each item in store. It provides you with graphic representation of optimal balance between investment in stocks ("price of warehouse") and service level. It  lets you choose interactively the final solution out of a range of solutions . It uses very quick algorithms which are capable of solving problems with many thousands  items in acceptable time. It may take into account the current budget constrains on purchases you make.


You need software products to use in education.
DOSE-SERVICE may be used in courses like management science and operations research as illustration to the following topics:

You are not indifferent to mathematical methods implemented in DOSE.
The most complete account of these is to be found in the author's doctoral thesis:

The theory behind DOSE-SERVICE is developed in the author's paper: