Interactive CD Paragliding: The Free Flight" Computer graphics studio (Moscow, Russia) is honoured to introduce an interactive multimedia CD-ROM Paragliding: The Free Flight" to you and your company.
   This project sets an aim to create a CD-ROM product dedicated to paragliding and to spread this product widely. This CD is an interactive multimedia and supposed to run on computer (Minimum system requirements: 486 DX4, 4x CD-ROM, 8MB,Win3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT).
   Paragliding is a free flight, but first of all it is style of life. Anyone, who has experienced the feeling of free flight, begins living in a quite a different way and his vision of the world starts changing though he maybe even doesn't notice it.
   For many people, since they have started paragliding, the flights became major and never ending source of energy and each of them is subconsciously getting inspirited by naturally clear unlimited spirit of free flight. The main aim of this interactive CD Paragliding: Free Flight is to make one feel this spirit and to show the beauty and the majesty of the Free flight:
   The content and the main parts of the CD:
   1. Video-art part, which is consist of plenty videos of flights, dramatic dynamic video clips and some films featuring computer graphics.
   The main subjects, represented in video materials, are as follows:
    - the beauty of the flight shown by artistic professional video shooting and computer graphics and assembling,
    -technical tricks on different stages of a flight made by the best paragliding pilots in the world,
   2. This part is dedicated to learning of flight technique, aerology and meteorology. Animated computer models, used to demonstrate main methods of flying and explain many atmospheric phenomena present this part. The behavior of air streams in the atmosphere, in the mountains, the dynamics of the development of different kinds of clouds are shown as well.
   The major part of clips and films, represented on CD, was made on the basis of materials, which was shot during main paragliding competitions and shows in 1997 and in the beginning of 1998:
    - PARAGLIDING WORLD CHAMPIOSHIP 1997, Castejon de Sos, Spain, which was held in Spain, July, 1997.
   These are professional video shootings of all the stages and plans of flights , as performed by the best pilots of the world.
    - Largest paragliding show in Europe ' ICARE COUPE 1997, St. Hilaire, France.
    - The first paragliding event in Europe in 1998 CARNIVAL FLY 1998, Sicily, Italy.
   The whole CD product is made conceptually and, as a matter of fact, it is an interactive movie with about 10 videos made on the basis of the above-mentioned materials and with more than 100 photos and a set of 3D animated computer models on flights technique, aerology, and meteorology. The latter one is a demo-educating part of CD.
   The disc consists of interactive shell and video passages between units made with use of 3D computer graphics and video effects. Design of the disc is created on the basis of photos of the most beautiful natural landscapes and scenes. All the units of the disc and videos are accompanied by original music composed specially for this work.
   The disc is divided into 4 interactive units: The Night, The Morning, The Day and The Evening respectively. Each unit contents some videos, a gallery of photos and 2 educating subdivisions, which consist of video clips and 3D animated computer models.
   The series of photos are corresponding with the time of day or night this unit is dedicated to.
   For example, one will find videos dedicated to preparations for the flight, effective starts of flights at a small altitude, acrobatic and piloting methods in the unit called The Morning. The Day consists of videos of high altitude thermal flights, marvelous flights in the clouds, air routes taking and so on. The intro to the disc, animated video passages between units and the units themselves are linked into the one artistic row, supposed to give to the consumer the spirit and mood of the free flight.
   This interactive CD product Paragliding: The Free flight is the first CD in the world dedicated to paragliding and free flights. This product is made for the great range of users. It would be of interest for the people dealing with paragliding (there are more than 1 000 000 of them worldwide), as one can find there exclusive sightseeing videos of the best flights in the world, training models on flights technique and invisible atmospheric processes, shown from the best view.
   This CD would also be of interest to wider range of people, to those who would appreciate aesthetic implementation of the disc harmonized with good music. The disc can be used as a beautiful video film.

Yours sincerely,
Lobatchev Dmitri, Computer graphics studio
Tel/fax 007 (+095) 311 95 08.