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Our company is in computer business in Moscow since May 1994. Among our partners we have several companies in Yerevan, Armenia. Now we find it useful and profitable to establish a unique distribution centre of computer equipment, parts and peripheral in Yerevan, as a channel to deliver these goods directly for computer market of Armenia, service, warranty, technical and informational support for computer companies of Armenia. Any person and/or company interested in joining, participation or investing in such kind of business are welcome to get in touch with me.

Tigran R. ZakoyanLogix Computers Corp., 3-rd Mytischenskaya st. 16/47 Moscow, Russia.

Telephone +7-(095)-287-98-01, +7-(095)-287-99-92 Telephone-Fax +7-(095)-287-67-62
Mail to elina@aha.ru
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