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326XFast and 326XFast SDC modem family
(Motorola Codex)

      Motorola, the worldwide leader in high speed analog technology, presents the 326XFast and 326XFast SDC I family of V.34 modems. The V.34 technology offers optimum performance over any given telephone circuit with clear channel speeds to 28.8Kbps in synchronous and l28Kbps in asynchronous environments.

      The V.34 standard combined with Motorola's reputation for quality and reliability, makes this family of network managed standalone and rackmount modems, ideal for all serious dial and lease line applications.

      But that's not all, the 326XFast SDC product series incorporates Synchronous Data Compression (SDC).

      SDC combined with V.34 delivers up to l28Kbps performance for both synchronous and asynchronous traffic over standard voice grade analog lines.

      Accelerated speeds like these, make this product family ideal for router to router and LAN internetworking applications SNA networks, X.25 networks, disaster recovery, as an altemative to digital services, dial back-up and more !

      Whether the application requires dedicated bandwidth or bandwidth on demand, SDC provides the best throughput for all HDLC/SDLC environments.

      The Motorola V.34 modems incorporate the very latest in modulation technologies including:
V.8 standard modem initialization . Line Probing . Are-Coding . Adaptive Power Control .       Multi-dimensional Trellis Coding . Adaptive Pre-Emphasis

      These technologies give users the best transmission speeds possible. These technologies are critical for successful performance at 28.8Kbps speedi for home office workers, telecommuters and other users dialing intb a network where phone line quality maybe less than optimum.

      Motorola, offers users the best solution for all networking needs!

      AT and LPDA-2 V.25bis command set automatic ' calling interfaces . lllJ V.8 Automode . V.42 error correction . VA2bis and MNP 5 . Adaptive Rate System (ARS) . Remote Configuration, via network management, front panel, and AT commands . Password & Callback security . Network Management Ready

      Sets calling interfaces via front panel or network management system . Allows for automatic selection of modulation types and speed on call connection . Supports COT LAP-M and MNP class 4 . Data compression, with automatic negotiation on connection . Continuously adapts modem rates to optimize through put independent of prevailing line conditions . Easy use allows network to be utilized to its maximum potential . Controls unauthorized access . Network can adapt to growth and change

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