Michael A. Golub's KEDIT and THE macros
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Last updated: October 07, 1999.

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KEDIT is a powerful text editor analogous to IBM's XEDIT, but comprising some advanced features making use of PC's screen autoscroll, etc. KEDIT is a product of Mansfield Software Group (MSG). It's home page is http://www.kedit.com. There you can download KEDIT for Windows DEMO to test what KEDIT is. Text mode KEDIT for DOS and OS/2 is weaker, you may ask MSG's Technical Support to send you KEDIT for DOS DEMO.

If you want to get some fully-functionable XEDIT-like editor then visit Mark Hessling's home page and download his THE editor for any platform. The THE editor is less robust, lacks international support unless you use my macros (e.g., there are problems with Russian "er" in DOS version and with all other Russian characters in the command line of Windows console version, Ctrl+Break immediately terminates THE and there are bugs in it, real mode DOS version is compiled without REXX support, so lacks macro facilities). THE is free. You can download the source code of THE and compile it yourself...


If you are are a KEDIT user or if you want to become a legal KEDIT user then you may wish to get useful KEDIT macros (sorry, for so much use:). If you are Russian or, say, Ukranian (I mean any ex-USSR citizen) then you may be interested in purchasing KEDIT for "reasonable" price even if you have no credit or debit card.

Sorry, the author of KEDIT decided to cool down my ado about the "reasonable KEDIT price for Russia", so...

I suggest THE (The Hessling Editor, you may search also at THE) and Regina REXX) that are free both of charge, and though THE is worse that KEDIT, it allows to do an essential work as an editor if you use my THE tools. I just do not promote the development of THE as a KEDIT beta-tester.

I still offer creating "KEDIT Russian User Group" ("KRUG") to solve a problem of "deep" russification and macros interchange among Russian language users (a bit easier than contacting across the ocean). I mean to gather KEDIT and THE users and port (as far as possible) KEDIT and THE macros.

Moreover, KRUG will offer sharing Cyrillic-oriented macros, which are of no interest for Wetstern users and thus won't be posted to MSG's FTP site.

My KEDIT macros

There are two sources of my macros.

My THE macros

Russification, formatting, text form Regina REXX documentation, more accurate KEDIT-like (but customized) behaviour, smart TeX support and many other things. Just download !THE.zip (371528 bytes) dated November 02, 1998.

THE 3.0 beta includes KEDIT/WINDOWS-like syntax coloring based on TLD files (alike KEDIT's KLD). I seems raw, but it works at least for built-in (predefined) file types such as C and REXX. There are several bugs related to coloring in THE, so you'll need to fix the colors yourself if you use Set Compat KEDIT KEDIT KEDIT. If you use my macros then modify your Local.THE (distributed as Local.Mac and is to be renamed to Local.THE) alike:

Local --- Local (user custom) settings (sample)
Last update: 06/10/99



If Initial() Then Do /* Place your initial settings here: */
If ColSetFlag Then Do /* Place your reprofile settings here: */
   Uncomment the following group of text just to fix visibility
   and set the white background:
   'Extract /Color'
   Do i=1 to Color.0
      Parse Value c With fn fg 'on' bg
      If Pos('BLOCK', fn)>0 Then Do
         bg='black'; If fg='Black' Then fg='White'
      Else Do
         If fn='FILEAREA' Then fg='Black'
         bg='white'; If fg='white' Then fg='black'
      'NoMsg Set Color' fn fg 'on' bg
   'Set Color IdLine Blue'
   'Set Color StatArea Blue'
   'Set Color MsgLine Red on White'
   Uncomment the following group of text if you like to customize any
   'Set Color IdLine Bold White on Cyan'
   'Set Color StatArea Bold White on Cyan'

   'Set Color Arrow Red on White'
   'Set Color Cmdline Black on White'

   'Set Color Prefix Blue on White'
   'Set Color Pending Bright Red on White'
   'Set Color Gap Black on White'

   'Set Color Scale Blue on White'
   'Set Color Shadow Cyan on White'
   'Set Color Tabline Blue on White'

   'Set Color Divider Blue on White'
   'Set Color MsgLine Red on White'
   'Set Color Reserved Blue on White'

   'Set Color NonDisp Red on White'

   'Set Color Block White on Black'
   'Set Color CBlock Yellow on Black'

   'Set Color Highlight White on Yellow'
   'Set Color CHighlight Bright Green on Yellow'

   'Set Color TOFEOF Black on White'
   'Set Color CTOFEOF Blue on White'

   'Set Color Filearea Black on White'
   'Set Color Curline Blue on White'
   /* 'Set Color SLK' not supported yet */


If Initial() Then 'Msg' /* force applying new colors to Init messages */
Exit RC /* a non-zero and non-unit RC will cause the Profile terminate */

I am going to find the cause of prefix commands invisibility under some THE configurations.

If you are interested how to deal with my THE macros under Linux (or other UNIX) or if you need something else (mentioned at CyrTUG page or not) then mail to me.

End of KEDIT/THE macros page