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Machines can
outperform us,

computers can
outthink us.

What can
outfeel us?

Music nce upon a time ... I realized that being like that jerk (see the photo) wearing Adam Antish makeup and singing Gary Numan's "Cars" wasn't cool anymore, and people in Brezhnev's communist Russia didn't have the chance to realize what that meant anyway. Additionally, chances of being beaten up by patriots were too high to show up somewhere outside the student's dorm. So I decided to organize my vinyl records using those stupid mainframe text terminals connected to punch card devices on the other side of the building. Those times were funny since I didn't have any EZ 2 Uz databases, screen refresh rates were just like we see today on the Net... So here I am with those Music listings and interests started in late 70s...
Fashion any of my friends didn't choose the hi-tech way after graduating, instead they turned their hobbies into work. Can't tell you who won - being a researcher in fashion art must be more complicated. Life in Moscow art community is not only different but it has nearly eight hours shift towards the west. Parallel world you know. Here you can find russian Alternative Fashion designed by some of them. Check out the interview with Nickolai Polushkin and other "new russians" there in Weird oops - Wired Magazine.
ime has passed and the amount of remaining craziness now is still enough to make stupid decisions but is not that enough to produce useless stuff and philosophy that someone would call it an Art. Meanwhile the beautiful surrounding craziness of Moscow is unique as in any other huge city and I can't resist to hide it anymore. Living here is like a drug: when you are here - you are sick, when you are away - you want to get back ASAP. Fifty miles away - and you are in a fourth world. How is everyone's invisible world affects the reality and where are those gateways from the interiority? Appartment's safe metal doors?
RussiaTV ome time ago I realized that coming back home and booting up whatever plugged in to the walls in the evenings I need to get my portion of heartbreaking political news coming out of the TV gizmo. Why do I need this? Perhaps to keep myself relevant-to-date to rapidly changing country... These days you can hardly find thirty-somethings and more who do not catch news on TV. TV-lisation!!! Afraid to wake up and find life moving backwards? Anyway RussiaTV is the best place to check out what average russian downloads in the evenings into his image processing unit to discuss while at work next day ...
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