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Russian Alternative and Rock Music

So what that special with Russian rock music that differs it from other international examples? Russian rock based on huge singer-songwriter community and lyrics means much more than music. Thatís no good for me personally, who used to hear lots of good western music for years. This singer-songwriter community is much popular than abroad and do not has itís own niche. They coexist on the scene together with rock music. Secondly, russian journalists tend to name other close music directions also as rock music and there is nothing to do about that - journalists and musicians are not the experts in international music and just started to create and realize many old bands for themselves just few years ago, when import CDs appeared in music strores. The history of russian rock is an interesting article if you want to dive dep in Soveit era.

Inside the Russian rock we could find three major directions - Moscow scene, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg. Moscow music is more mainstream, and if we set relation to the US mainstream rock, then St. Petersburgís music would be British new wave, and Ekaterinburgís music would be gothic rock. In reality such borders are invisible and virtual. Many Russian musicians participate in many bands abroad, for instance my friend is the drummer in LA gothic band Screams For Tina. There are Russians in well known bands Dee-Lite and KMFDM. Of course there are foreign musicians and singers in Russian bands. The best example is Joanna Stingray, who showed up here back in mid 80s and since then the part of Russian rock. Well, she sings in English but nobody really cares, because she is not a huge star and canít be - Pat Benatar, Kim Carnes or even Kim Wilde never been very popular here. One of the best Moscow bands Center now based also in LA and released 2 albums there. That move gave them more flexibility, but unfortunately they lost direct access to Moscow showbiz and I doubt they ever could be popular again. Another 2 good Moscow bands - Svintsovy Tuman (Leaden Fog) and Technologia are very US oriented in their music and very close to REM and Depeche Mode. They are not very popular as if they could be abroad due to high popularity of Euro-Techno beats these days. Surprisingly, but new band Mechtat' (To Dream) play very easy to catch guitar rythms inspired most likely by Shoking Blue! New band Pep-see is russian answer to B-52's, Go-Go's, Voice of the Beehive plus broken ska rhytms in one. That is, Russian rock is on its own way and there is enough room for all styles and directions, especially for professional sound, based on careful studio work.

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