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And The King For Dessert(Fort Baxter)

Aloha From Hawaii(25 anniversary)

1st Performance Elvis Ever Did Live(Monty Robertson Enterprises)

America's Own Vol.1.(Elvismania Sound)

An Afternoon In The Garden

Bringing Him Back Elvis'70 (JAT Productions)

A Profile The King On Stage Vol.1(Fort Baxter) Essential Elvis Vol. 4  

CBS Tapes (Omaha, Rapid City,


A Profile The King On Stage Vol.2 (Fort Baxter)

Essential Elvis vol. 5

"Elvis Presley - Psyhobiography" (by Peter O. Whitmer Ph.D.)

As I Leave You(Ecolorado)/Candid Elvis On Camera(Captain Marvel Jr.) Elvis Aron Presley(4 cd set)

Elvis Highway Memphis, TN (JAT Productions)

Black Diamond(New Generations)

Home Recordings

Encore Performance III - Back To Chicago 1977 (JAT Productions)

Breathing Out Fire (Madison)

In A Private Moment (FTD#3)

Enter The Dragon Elvis'74 (JAT Productions)

By Special Request! From Louisiana To Tennessee(Rock Legends)

Jungleroom Sessions (FTD#4)

The Hidden Works Of The King (by Scott Daughtry)

Coming On Strong (Southern Style)

Platinum (4 CD set)

Return To Splendour(Campaign Video CAM 2001)

Chicago Beat(Live Archives)

That's The Way It Is (3 CD set)

The Complete Recording Sessions(St Martin's Press)

Cut Em Down To Size(Double G)

"The Complete Guide to Music" (by John Robertson)

Deep Down South(King Records)

On Tour With Elvis (by Christopher Brown)

Don't Think Twice(Madison)

Event Number 8(Madison)

From Vegas To Macon(Rock Legends)

Get Down And Get With It(Fort Baxter)

Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind(Luxor)

Hello Memphis(Rock Legends)

Here I Go Again(DAE)

Holding Back The Years(DAE)

Hot Winter Night In Dallas(Fort Baxter)

The King Of Entertainment (no label)
Let Me Take You Home(DAE)

Live In Virginia(Vicky)

Love Letters From Nevada(Sundial Productions)

Moody Blue & Other Great Performances(Fort Baxter)

My, Itís Been A Long, Long Time(Luxor)

A New Live Experience(Label Uknown)

Night Fever In Vegas(Rock Legends)

Old Times They Are Not Forgotten(DAE)

Opening Night'69(Fort Baxter)

Phoenix Over Tennessee(J. R. Records)

Run On(Front Row Productions)

Send Me The Light(Groti Records)

Sold Out In Dixie(Rock Legends)


Still Rocking The Nation(Le Roi)

The Brightest Star On Sunset Boulevard Vol. 1 & Vol. 2(Fort Baxter)

The Power Of Zhazam(Captain Marvel Jr. Records)

The Request Box Shows(Bilko)

Unchained Elvis (Krypton)

Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 4 (Yellow Dog)

Welcome In San Antone(Vicky)