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Last updated 07.18.99

IPA is a professional, non-governmental, non-profit, human rights organization of Russian psychiatrists devoted both to renewal of psychiatry in Russia and to revival of its noble traditions.

IPA was established on March 9-11, 1989 as a reaction to the absence of genuine changes in psychiatry. Since October 17, 1989 IPA has been a full member of the World Psychiatric Association.

The primary raison d'etre of IPA was the struggle with the totalitarian inertia of official psychiatry. Now that the most stubborn element of this inertia is connected with professional matters, our main credo is that high professionalism provides the best ground for the protection of human rights.

IPA and the Russian Society of Psychiatrists (RSP) are the only All-Russian psychiatric organizations. The rest are the regional ones. Unlike IPA the structure of RSP substantially duplicates the administrative hierarchy.

The IPA of Russia is comprised of about 600 individuals and member-societies (mental hospitals, regional associations and so on). It has representations in 54 regions of the country from St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad (Konigsberg) to Vladivostok and the Tchukotka peninsula - on the level of chairs in medical institutes and chief psychiatrists of the territories.

Within the structure of IPA, the Society of Clinical Psychotherapy, the Society "Philosophy and Mental Health" and the Engineering Laboratory have been organized.

The IPA is a charitable organization. Its services are free of charge.

The IPA leadership:

  • Yuri Savenko, M.D. President (since 1989) ;
  • Kagan, M.D. (St-Petersburg). Vice-President (since 1994);
  • Liubov Vinogradova, Ph.D. Executive Director (since 1994) ;

The IPA Honorary Members:

  • Anatoly Koryagin (Russia);
  • Alexander Podrabinek (Russia);
  • Melvin Sabshin (USA);
  • Wolfgang Kretschmer (Germany);
  • Jean Ayme (France);
  • Rey Freebery (Kanada);
  • Richard Winslow (USA);
  • Anatoly Anufriev (Russia);
  • Nikolai Schakhmatov (Russia) .

The IPA principal goals:

  • Identifying the scientific and practical priorities of Russian psychiatry and promoting work in these directions;
  • Establishing the new general scientific paradigm in psychiatry;
  • Opposing anti-psychiatric tendencies;
  • Contributing to human rights observation in Russian psychiatry;
  • Rehabilitating victims of psychiatric abuse and errors; elaborating new rehabilitation programs;
  • Humanizing psychiatric service;
  • Overcoming juridical illiteracy and nihilism in psychiatry; providing guarantees for enforcing the Law on Psychiatric Care;
  • Promoting the professionalization of Russian psychiatrists both in ethical and proper professional aspects;
  • Regaining and reinforcing popular trust in psychiatry.

The main direction of activities:

Contact information:

Address: Russian Research Center for Human Rights, 4 Luchnikov lane, Moscow-103982, Russia
Tel: +7 095 206 8639
Fax: +7 095 206-8853
E-mail: ipar@aha.ru


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