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I have just saw a really brilliant new guide wich you must visit too. It's a most useful site on lovemaking ever created called Kama Sutra Animated, you can find it at


That site reveals the secrets of sex as I've never seen them before. I will be glad to practice in driving you wild with these embraces, kisses, scratches, bites and sounds together with you! I'm sure you'll like it!

They also have a new service, which lets you buy about ten different Kama Sutra printed manuals on-line! Visit the site to find out more!

Waiting for you animated!


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Preludes Indrani Churning Mixture Yawning Cobra Conch Pestle

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Inversion Elephant Dog

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Knee elbow Stag Tripod

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Lovemaking of the crow

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Apadravyas Unified lovers

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