Kama Sutra Positions Rating

To help you choose the most appropriate position for you and your lover our visitors vote their best positions.

Currently we keep two different ratings separately: female and male. Each value shows share of votes in promille for every position. Our rating is updated weekly. You may vote every position from appropriate page. Do not vote one position more than one time, please.

  Positions Group

  Lying down positions:
Preview The Preludes 87 42
Preview Indrani 75 118
Preview The Churning of the Cream 56 107
Preview The Mixture of Sesamum Seed with Rice 43 26
Preview The Yawning 37 50
Preview The Cobra 28 15
Preview The Conch 25 4
Preview The Pestle 18 38

  Sitting positions:
Preview The Black Bee 100 76
Preview The Mare 59 25
Preview The Swing 43 50
Preview Splitting the Bamboo 43 15
Preview The Curwing Knot 37 2
Preview The Sporting of a Sparrow 25 6
Preview The Tigress 21 9
Preview The Sharpening 15 7

  Rear-entry positions:
Preview Inversion 46 116
Preview The Elephant 28 73
Preview The Dog 9 58

  Standing positions:
Preview Knee Elbow 25 2
Preview The Stag 18 1
Preview The Tripod 3 0

  Oral pleasures:
Preview The Lovemaking of the Crow 150 152


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