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  The Preludes

Ardent young men, do not neglect the preliminaries! Endeavour to satisfy your mistress. Listen to her desires. Some men, carried away by the power of their desire, forget the prelude, only to be surprised when they are pushed away later! Yet it is such a delight to kiss, to caress, to nibble one another... To explore with your hand or your mouth her body, her breasts, her neck, her belly, down to her innermost curves. Fulfilled, the beloved shall return these kisses and caresses wholeheartedly. No part of the beloved's body should be neglected. Her lover shall make it his duty to discover them, to reveal to his mistress all the pleasure she can receive from them.

When Kama is practiced by men of the four castes
according to the rules of the Holy Writ
(i.e., by lawful marriage) with virgins
of their own caste, it then becomes a means
of acquiring lawful progeny and good fame,
and it is not also opposed to the customs
of the world. On the contrary the practice
of Kama with women of the higher castes,
and with those previously enjoyed by others,
even though they be of the same caste,
is prohibited. But the practice of Kama
with women of the lower castes, with women
excommunicated from their own caste,
with public women, and with women twice married,
is neither enjoined nor prohibited.
The object of practicing Kama with such women
is pleasure only.


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