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In ancient times darkness ruled. The gods, powerless against it, imagined and 'created' Indra. Indra the invincible killed the archdemon Vritra and, by so doing, allowed the organized world to triumph over chaos. Indra is beautiful like the sun. Like the sun, he is radiant. Only a 'Padmini', a perfect woman with one thousand qualities, can aspire to such a husband. But, as ancient authors claim, there is only one Padmini in ten million women. Still, the others need not despair! Through Iong and patient practice, any woman can perfect the position of Indrani, her legs tucked up, her feet resting on her thighs. Then she and her husband share a genuine encounter with the divine essence, token of fertility and love.

Indrani draws up both her knees
until they nuzzle the curves of her breasts;
her feet find her lover's armpits.
Small girls love this posture,
but becoming a goddess takes a lot of practice.

She cups and lifts her buttocks with her palms,
spreads wide her thighs,
and digs in her heels besides her hips,
while you caress her breasts:
this is Utphallaka (The Flower in Bloom).


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