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  The Churning of the Cream

Kamadhenu, the celestial cow with the head of a woman, born from the churning of the Sea of Milk, has the gift of making every wish come true. The deserted wife prays to her. O Kamadhenu! She bemoans the happy times when her beloved showered her with caresses. And here is the lover returning! He had a dream, he says. Kamadhenu was before him. She had his beauty's face, her mouth was trembling, her beautiful eyes glistening with tears. Repentant, he throws himself to her knees. The lover forgives him. He embraces her, crushing her nearly to the point of suffocation. Hugs and kisses on her thighs, hugs and kisses on her breasts. Thanking the celestial cow for opening his eyes, the lover turns his lingam all around inside the delicious yoni. Divine reunion. Churning the cream.

During lovemaking, ten types of blows
may be struck with the penis,
but of these only Upasripta (Natural),
which is instinctive even to untutored cowherds,
results in full clitoral stimulation.

It is a gentle forward stroke
which may be varied for depth and speed,
allowing a subtlety, rhythm
and spontaneity which
the other nine each lack to some degree.

If you grasp your penis and move it
in circles inside her yoni,
it is Manthana (Churning).
When you strike sharply down into the yoni,
it is Hula (the Double-edged Knife).

If, when her hips are raised by a pillow,
you strike a rising blow,
it is Avamardana (Rubbing).
If you hold your penis pressed breathlessly
to her womb it is Piditaka (Pressing).

If you withdraw completely
and then strike her violently to the womb,
it is Nirghata (the Buffet).
Continuous pressure on one side of her yoni
is Varahaghata (the Boar's Blow).

If you thrust wildly in every direction,
like a bull tossing its horns,
it is Vrishaghata (the Bull's Blow).
Quivering in her yoni is Chatakavilasa (Sparrow Sport),
which usually heralds orgasm.

The involuntary shuddering of orgasm
is called Samputa (the Jewel Case).
But no two women make love quite the same way,
so orchestrate your rhythms
to the moods and colors of each lover's raga (emotions).


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