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  The Mixture of Sesamum Seed with Rice

Lunch-time siesta, exhausting heat. Even the flies are sleeping. Secretly, the engaged couple, shy and charming, meet. Straight kiss, bent kiss, turned kiss, pressed kiss, fighting tongues... They are well-mannered young people who have been taught the art of loving. But wait! Quick to forget the wise lessons, carried away by passion, they tear off, rip off the sweaty silk clothes which stick to their skin. They roll down on the cold, tiled floor like two young dogs. Mouth against mouth, gazing into each other's eyes, arms, thighs, legs tightly entwined... It is difficult to tell one from the other. The mixture of sesamum seed with rice. Lingam and yoni meet. The engaged couple have celebrated their wedding night prematurely!

If, encircling and trapping
her thighs with yours,
you grip so hard that she cries out in pain,
it is Ratipasha (Love's Noose),
a device most charming to the ladies.

Her limbs, entwined in yours
like tendrils of fragrant jasmine creeper,
draw taut and slowly relax
in the gentle rhythm of linga and yoni:
this is Lataveshta (the Clinging Creeper).

She draws her limbs together,
clasping her knees tightly to her breasts,
her yoni, like an opening bud,
offered up for pleasure:
this is known as Mukula (the Bud).


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