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  The Yawning

A pale moon shines down on the sleeping beauty. Kneeling beside her, the lover wakes her with a kiss on her modest brow. Keeping her eyelids lowered, she smiles. Grasping her rounded hips, the lover slides her onto his knees. The beauty raises her legs, widely spread. Her ankle bracelets ring out joyously. The lover, eager, wants to possess what the beauty reveals to him. The tease shies away, the lover protests. To silence him, the beauty places her plump foot on his mouth. One by one, the lover kisses her pearly nails, nibbles her little toes. The beauty coos. She coos so loudly that she wakes the dove. The bird, alarmed, responds. The beauty laughs. Taking advantage of her distraction, with one ingenious move, the lover slides into the coveted yoni.

Full of desire, saying sweet words,
approach her with your body stiff as a pole
and drive straight forward
to pierce her lotus and join your limbs:
experts call it Madandhvaja (The Flag of Cupid).


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