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  The Elephant

How can you fail to marvel at the elephant! So much strength combined with so much delicacy. See its trunk: powerful enough to uproot a tree, it can still embrace with grace, touch and skim with subtlety. Women are frightened and surprised by the size of the lingam. Men apply themselves to taming this mythical rival. The imaginative lover, however, does not care about rivals men, women or beasts! He has no trunk, but it matters not! He embraces his beloved with his arms, lifts her up, turns her around. Inhaling her intoxicating perfumes, his mouth explores her body. His lingam strikes the beauty's thighs, caresses her yoni. She appreciates his vigour! Today, for his lover's pleasure, he is Hastica the elephant.

When your mistress lays
breasts, arms and forehead to the carpet,
raising her buttocks high,
and you guide your penis into her yoni,
it is Aibha (the Elephant).

You lift her ankles high;
she draws up
and extends her legs as though she were
crawling through the air:
this is Hastika (the Elephant).

Lying on her side, facing away,
the fawn-eyed girl
offers you her buttocks
and your penis penetrates the house of love:
this is Nagabandha (the Elephant).


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