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  Knee Elbow

There are some lovers who despise soft beds and cosy cushions. Their pleasure is heightened by danger or discomfort. Some choose places where their union may be discovered; others practise the most hazardous positions. Others still seek risk and difficulty. Their pleasure room is a garden where they lay themselves open to being seen. The beauty, one foot on her lover's thigh, her arms hanging from his neck, coos as she lifts herself up his body. She looks like she's climbing a tree! Now she clasps her beloved's chest between her slender legs. She is now perched on his lingam. While she is moving up and down, held up by her lover's powerful arms, he whispers suggestive words in her ear.

She stands against the wall,
lotus-hands on hips,
long, lovely fingers reaching to her navel.
Cup her foot in your palm
and let your free hand caress your angel's limbs.

Put your arm around her neck
and enjoy her as she leans there at her ease.
Vatsyayana and others
who knew the art of love in its great days
called this posture Tala (the Palm).

If you lean back to a wall
and your lover, clinging to your neck,
places both her feet
in your palms and thus makes love,
this is Dvitala (Two Palms).

If you lift your lover
by passing your elbows under her knees
and gripping her buttocks
while she hangs fearfully from your neck,
it is Janukurpara (the Knee Elbow).

Your wife grips your neck
and locks her legs around your waist:
this is Kirti (Fame) - a posture
not described in Kama Sutra or Ratirahasya .
Never try it with heavy girls.


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