I live in Moscow, Russia , 82 kg, 1.83 m. This photo was taken at November, 15, 1994, when I was >90 kg ;-)

 I was born May, 11, 1966, in the large enough city Saratov near great Russian river Volga. I left Saratov when I joined Moscow State University in 1983. I finished Faculty of Cybernetics and Computer Science at 1988, then postgraduated. Starting from 1985 I work in the Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Equipment, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Got married, have two children (son and daughter). From 1991 I live in Zelenodrad (it means "green town"), Moscow downtown and district.

I'm a programmer. I start program in the school, in 1980 - it was Russian computer BESM-4 (one of the best in the world, but in 60th). Imagine that: hundreds (don't remember exactly) additions per second, memory - 4096 45-bit "words". Well, my microwave oven has better CPU now, but are there Fortran and Algol compilers, LSI CAD systems etc. for it?

Now I have P100/16Mb/1.3Gb at my work and Psion Series 3a in my pocket. Believe me or not, the second is better and more powerful!

I like to listen good music in good quality, collect post stamps about Olympic Games and have small collection of coins -- Russian, Soviet, and at least one coin from >50 countries.

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