Psion-oriented links

There is A Page of Psion Links where you can find almost all you need. If you are looking for software developers, try Psion programmers on the web on the Daniel Pfund's home page .

Want 3.5" floppy drive for Psion? Do you need full size keyboard?

If you have problems, try to read FAQ before asking Usenet groups comp.sys.psion.misc and comp.sys.psion.apps. Check also comp.sys.psion.announce, comp.sys.psion.marketplace, If you are a programer for Psion computers, you definitely should subscribe to comp.sys.psion.programmer.

Search engines

Of course, Alta Vista, Lycos, SavvySearch and Yahoo! help you to find almost all Web sources. But if you need to find a file, try - the only engine I know, which searches in descriptions too.

To find something in Russia you'd better start from Russia on the Net.


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Last updated July 17, 1996