Hexadecimal Viewer and Editor

Current version 1.0 (18 Kb)

Basic features

Application has two modes: hexadecimal and text representation of data. First is a table with offsets from beginning of the data (if file or disk is greater than 1Mb - offset in current megabyte), hexadecimal codes of bytes and bytes itself. Text representation shows raw dump without interpreting of any control symbols (e.g. tab, cr, lf). It has two zoom modes (60*20 and 80*20).

Both modes works asynchronously, i. e. changing offset in one mode doesn't affect offset in another. User can do synchronisation manually by Psion+Y.

Workabout support

I have a version which can be used on the Workabout computers but with some restrictions. Mail me if you need it.


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Last updated June 10, 1996