Keyboard Layout Driver and Editor

Current version 1.21F (23 Kb)

Basic features

Psion Series 3/3a uses code page 850 which contains almost all Latin based European letters, but on the original English or US versions to enter a symbol with code>128 the user has to press more than one key. This makes fast typing in French, German etc almost impossible. Of course, there are local versions of Psion for most European languages, but some people prefer to buy English one (the rumour is that they are cheaper).

Even if you have a Psion with support for your language you may wish to re-define keyboard: to simplify typing the "pipe" '|' character, to provide a numeric keypad for intensive number work, or even to simulate a damaged button on the application bar.

With this package you can redefine any of the 42 light grey keys in normal state or in any valid combination with Shift, Psion or Control modifiers and can have two layouts, e.g. standard and for quick text typing. Once the driver is installed, layouts can be switched by pressing both Shift keys simultaneously. The layout editor allows you to edit keyboard maps, save them into files for future use or to change layouts currently in use by the driver.

For non-English users with English Psions there is an ability to load a country information file (usually ROM::SYS$CTRY.CFO) from another Psion. If you load e.g. French .CFO file on the English Psion you'll have keyboard layout exactly as on the French Psion, all system messages in French and default language will be French too. It means that any multilingual application (e.g. Psion Money) will use French in this case. This ability is also suitable for software developers -- to be sure that a program will work properly on any Psion.

Basic features:


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How to Register

This program is shareware. There are a number of registration methods. If you decide continue to use this program, please, register.


Version 1.21 May, 20, 1996

Bug fixed. In previous version, when KbdMap installs, sometimes it panics with message

Directory does not exist

Version 1.20 May, 06, 1996

All maps support. Special key codes (application keys, Off etc)

Version 1.10

Was never released.

Version 1.00 January, 1996

First public release. Allows to re-map only normal and shifted keys.

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Last updated June 21, 1996