How to register KbdMap

My experience shows that it is almost impossible to send me money directly. So it can be registered either via CompuServe direct online registrations, or via collectors.

If you find the price too expensive (e.g. you are a student) but still need this program and want to have support and receive all future versions just mail me.

Anyway this version is neither encoded nor crippled. So, why be a registered user in this case? For a number of reasons:

Please, send me e-mails about registration to <> with the subject line "KbdMap registration" so that my mailer can put them to separate folder.

CompuServe online registration (preferred)

GO SWREG. KbdMap registration ID is 11980. If you are not a CIS member, you can ask a friend to register KbdMap for you. The registration fee is $25.

Registration via collectors

Please, make your cheque payable to the collector, not to me!


Registration fee is 40 DM. Send cheque or cash to

      Michael Baas
      Taunusstrasse 4
      D 63589 Linsengericht