How you can use KbdMap

The main idea for KbdMap was to allow non-English users quick access to their letters. But it is general purpose keyboard remapper and many problems can be solved with it.

Numeric keypad

Felix Grant wrote:

The Psion keyboard has no "calculator keypad", which makes heavy number work tedious. By using KbdMap, it is possible to create such a calculator keypad. With your new version of KbdMap, I have used the Ctrl-Shft keys to allow fast number entry using the u, i, o, j, k, l, m keys as follows:

        7  8  9
         I  O  P
          J  K  L

Re-mapped as:

        7  8  9
         4  5  6
          1  2  3

This allows normal use of the keyboard for almost all operations using the SHEET and CALC applications, and also Calc3a (by Richard Schmidt).

Special characters

It was a big thread in comp.sys.psion with subject "Where is 'pipe' key?". Now you can find pipe, copyright, math and other characters with easy.

Task switching

Daniel Pfund wrote:

I don't like having to reach for that System button (it feels like it's going to break every time :( ), so:

Now I can switch back and forth with shift-"-" and Psion-shift-"-" ;-)

Of course, you can remap the system button to any other key you like...

I suppose that will be the end of my DPSwitch :(

If you have found another application of KbdMap, please, let me know

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Last updated June 10, 1996