File Manager for Psion S3a/3c/Siena

Download version 1.11 (50 Kb)

For Ranger Disk owners!

Beta version 1.11Ra with Ranger Disk support now available! Click here to download it (58 Kb).

Please, read RANGER.TXT with attention before you will use this version.
Mail me if you decide to test it.

New in the version 1.11:

Basic features

File Manager' screen has a header and 2 windows (panels) each of which shows you file list of any local (A,B,C,M,ROM) drive or PC disks via 3Link. You can walk through directory tree, make directories, copy, rename, delete files and directories, format disks, run applications, search files, add comments to files and directories... All what I think the file manager must do. It requires about 40Kb free RAM to run.

Some screenshots

Copying of selected directories in progress

Find file dialog

File search in progress. Text to find was specified

General view. In the left top corner the comment for OPL directory is shown

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Last updated June, 16, 1997