Red Square. Moscow

Moscow, Red Square, Russia
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Red Square, Moscow

Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad) has been the witness of many important events in the life of the Russian people. Here the popular revolts that shook the throne of the tsars usually had their beginning, and here autocracy held its courts to try the defeated insurgents. Red Square has been the scene of parades in celebration of Russian military glory and many other ceremonies and official functions. Though time has changed the face of Red Square it has remained the centre of the city and the main square in Moscow.

The Great October Revolution of 1917 gave new meaning to the name of Square, for the red flag of proletarian revolution now flew above it.

On November 10, 1917 proletarian Moscow accompanied the fallen heroes of the Revolution on their last journey. They were buried in a mass grave in the Kremlin wall.

Moscow, Red Square. Kremlin wall

Many times the voice of Lenin rang out over Red Square as he addressed crowds of revolutionary soldiers and workers, calling upon them to save and protect the gains of the Revolution and give all their strength in the struggle for a brighter future for mankind. Inspired by his words the revolutionary workers and soldiers would go out from Red Square to meet the enemy and grapple with hunger and destruction.

But on those sad days in January 1924 Red Square was hushed in silence, as the people, grieving at their loss, bid farewell to Lenin.

Moscow, Red square. farewell to Lenin


Across Red Square the first lorries, planes and tractors produced by Soviet industry passed, the heroes of the five-year plans, and pilots who had performed hitherto unheard of feats marched. On June 24, 1945 a Victory Parade was held in Red Square and the banners of the defeated fascist troops were cast at the foot of the Lenin Mausoleum.

On national holidays it has become the tradition for many thousands of Moscow's inhabitants to assemble in Red Square, and every year on the two revolutionary holidays (November 7 and May 1) demonstrations of the working people take place here. There are guest stands for distinguished citizens and foreign guests.

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