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Hands off Lenin mausoleum!
Under false pretests, deprived of any historical, legal and moral ground, the question of over-burial Lenin's is being aroused again. Tomb-digger Boris Yeltsin, who has, once giddily demolished the Ipatiev-hous, keeps demonstrating his full contempt of laws and human moralities...

Mausoleums of the world
Lenin mausoleum: Lenin, Stalin, Khruchshev...

Russian revolutionary history:
Red Square.
Lenin mausoleum.

Central Lenin Museum (new!)
Revolution: the intellectual bases (new!)

Facts against fiction
so-called Lenin`s will
  The statement of O. Ulianova, Leninís niece
Certificate of the Department on Architecture, Moscow
The International Defense Committee of Lenin (press-release)
Extract from the UNESCO Convention (Russian)
Vandals  Cannibalism (Russian)
They eat Lenin
About Lenin
  Fidel Castro about Lenin H.Barbusse about Lenin Maxim Gorky about Lenin Clara Zetkin on Lenin Joseph Stalin on Lenin A.Nexe about Lenin Mahatma Gandhi on Lenin S.Esenin about Lenin
 left wing teleconference about Lenin and Russian communists

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