Vladimir Lenin, the leader of Russian Revolution

Vladimir Ilich Lenin photo

Vladimir Lenin (1970-1924), the founder of the Soviet Union, has been dead for 75 years.

21 - 24 january1924.

In three days more than one million of people visited the Pillared Hall to say fare-well to dear Lenin.

fare-well to Ilich

After Vladimir Lenin, next communist leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, ordered doctors and scientists to find a way to preserve Vladimir Lenin's body. They succeeded, and Vladimir Lenin still lies in a specially designed mausoleum on Red Square, where Russians and tourists alike come to see him.

See photo: Georgy Zhukov and Joseph Stalin on the tribune of the Vladimir Lenin Mausoleum. Stalin and Zhukov at the mausoleum
Lenin and Stalin Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin in the Mausoleum. Red Square, Moscow.

Joseph Stalin's body, too, was displayed alongside his mentor's following his death nearly 30 years later.

And there he stayed until Stalin's draconian policies fell into disfavor with the Russian government under Nikita Khrushchev, next Soviet leader.

Under cover of night, Stalin's body was removed and buried beside the Kremlin wall in 1961, eight years after Joseph Stalin death.


What is Now?

Under false pretests, deprived of any historical, legal and moral ground, the question of over-burial Vladimir Lenin's is being aroused again. Tomb-digger Eltsin, who has, once giddily demolished the Ipatiev-hous, keeps demonstrating his full contempt of laws and human moralities.
But now he is possessed by the struggle against the inheritance of the Communist Party, the only fault of which was the lack of dexterity on timely saving itself from such good-for-nothing persons like Gorbachev-Yeltsin. Even the present Constitution gives no right for insulting the memory of Vladimir Lenin.
The decision to build the Mausoleum was taken on 26 February, 1924 by the Supreme Organ of the Power of the People - the II All-union Meeting of the Soviets; and thus was expressed the will of all peoples of the USSR.
By the decision of the XIV Session of the UNECO Committee on the World's Heritage, which took part of the unique Red Square Ensemble, was enlisted as world-wide and natural heritage, and taken under protection of the UNESCO.
The article 44 of the Russian Constitution demands preserving and taking care of historic and cultural monuments.
Besides, there is an article in the Criminal Codex of the RF foreseeing imprisonment for demolition or damaging of historical and cultural monuments.

Rumors about alleged “Vladimir Lenin’s last will”, where he should be buried, have not been founded on any documents. Such documents do not generally exist, neither in the former Central Party Archive, nor in any other archives.
It is self-evident that all these arguments cannot be understood by tomb-diggers of Russia, whose actions: distraction of the USSR, shooting of the defenders of the Constitution in 1993, introduction of practically, unpaid for slave labor in Russia, are lawless.
But the so-called democratic public, if it has not yet finally lost sense and consciousness, should think about what moral savagery they have been led by their champions of all-human values.
Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet State, great politician, revolutionary and philosopher, has been acknowledged throughout the World as the great personality of the XX century.
It is the duty of all conscious countrymen, all civilized people in other parts of the World to support actively the protest against the possible vandalism.

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