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Communist party pages

Communist Party USA

Communist Party of Great Britain

"Workers world"

New Communist Party of Britain:

Party of labour of Belgium (Ludo Martens). One can find some Russian documents in English

New York State Communist Party

Foreign pages

Baltic page dedicated to Lenin (V.I.Lenin Home Page)

The biggest marxist-leninist server

A complite list of communist servers

Some other collections of communist pages

A good collection at

Another one at

This collection mainly contains socialist links but you one can find some communist pages not mention in the other lists

Left and progressive pages in the Net

German pages

This one is worth of visiting

Fraternal Radical Linx

Lenin - biography, works, and photographs of the revolutionary

Russian pages

Stalin video

Stalin audio

Central Lenin museum

Stalin funeral Moscow, 1953

Stalin full biographical chronicle

Communist classic library

Russian Young Communist League

RYCL ideological section

Che Guevara page

Communist Party of Russian Federation unofficial page

CPRF official server

Russian Communist Workers Party. "Trudovaia Rossia" and "Vecherni Leningrad" newspapers

The USSR Embassy in the Cyberspace

VLKSM from Obninsk

Soviet Zone

Russian Opposition links. Here you will find left- as well as some right-wing opposition pages

Agrarian Party of Russia. "Rossiskaia zemlia" newspaper

"Zavtra" - a newspaper of the so-called spiritual opposition

"Duel", a well-known newspaper

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