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Lenin 's famous speaches and articles  
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Russian texts Audio Files File size  (Kb)
 Lenin's text What the Soviet power is? 120
Text of Lenin's speach On antiSemitism 121
Lenin speech text To Sverdlov`s memory 70
Text of the speach The Report to the 3-rd congress
of Communist International
text of the speach Report on the talks with Bela Kun 130
Lenin's speach text An appeal to the Red Army fighters 225
Lenin speach text How to put an end to the oppresion by landlords and capitalists 107
Sorry About transport works 99
Sorry On labour discipline 96
Sorry, Lenin text will appear here in future On prodrazverstka and prodnalog 114

Contemporaries speak on Lenin

File size  (Kb)
A.V. Lunacharsky 31
S.M.Kirov 65
E.Yaroslavsky 25
G.M.Krgyganovsky 24
L.A.Fotieva 19
D.A.Lazurkina 22

Stalin on Lenin. 10 historical articles + photos + Stalin speech in Real Audio.

Joseph Stalin VIDEO

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Word communist leaders speak on Lenin
(RealAudio, add translation into Russian)
File size  (Kb)
Fidel Castro (Cuba) 55
Erich Honecker (Germany) 43
Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua) 33
Georgy Dimitrov (Bulgaria) 21
Ho Shi Min (Vietnam) 33

Palmiro Togliatti (Italy)

Maurice Thorez (France) 36
Dolores Ibarruri (Spain) 40
Alvaro Kunhal (Portugal) 31
Shankaran Nambudripad (India) 27
Janos Kadar (Hungary) 17
Gus Hall (USA) 24
Yury Andropov (Soviet Union) 70


Stalin speeches in RealAudio

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