The current economic and political situation in Russsia is worthening day by day. The crisis is so deep that the govt has no courage to start nagotioantins with the miners demanding impeachemt of the President. The last month agreemnts between miners strike committees and russian govt's representatioves are not being realized. Kuzbass delagtion came back from Moscow totaly unsatisfied .

"President and his govt do not keep up the word and we will go on fighting untill they are thrown down". Vorkuta and Inta miners came to Moscow on the 11th of June and have been staging 24-hour picket since then outside the govt building. They have recently been joined by representatives from Tula, Rostov-on-Don, Kuzbass, Primorie that is to say from all the coal basins of Russia.

On the 18th of June russian scientists will also join miners. They will stage a rally in Moscow and talks have been started in order to have it jointly with miners protesting outside the govt building. The main demand of the scientists is to stop cutting gusts on science and pay off all the debts. They support the idea of Yeltsin's impeachemnt, but their demands are far less radical than the miners'. The miners now demand first nationalization of the caol industry, second resignment of President and his govnt, third the payoff of the wages and not only to miners. They have authorisation to stage their 24hours picket till the 16th of June.

They have refused to accept proposal by Moscow govt to leave for one of the Moscow region sanatorium to have holidays there and nobody knows if they will be allowed to go on with the picket after the 16th of June. But they do not give any importance to the legal aspect. "We will not move untill the regime is down. We will stay here as long as necesarry", - say miners. They keep in contact with their respective regional strike committees providing them all the information on the action and its consequencies.

They say more miners are coming this week to the capital. Besides the protesting miners have decided to make an appeal to the Moscow workers to support the campaign. On the sunday night the draft was eleborated, tomorrow the final version will appeare. It will be distributed on Moscow plants and factories.

The govt. can’t keep the promise and despite some tough measures there is no money to finance even partially the plan agreed between the govt. and miners strike committees last month. Therefor the United Strike Committee of Kemerovo region has decided to restart the blockade of the Trans-Siberian railway. On the 1 of July there will be some pickets nearby Andjero-Sudjensk and some other stations.

Since the 3d of July Transib will be totally paralyzed by the strikers. Kemerovo strike committee has issued an appeal calling for joined actions across Russia and supporting miners picket outside the govt. building in Moscow. On the 23rd of June Primorie region in the Far East of Russia was totally paralyzed by protesting workers demanding resignation of President and govmt, radical changes ins social and economic policy of the state, social justice.

Well-organized protest was fully supported by all the employees of the region. Though the blockade had been lifted the same day Strike Committee leaders said they would not stop the campaign until their demands were met. There are several hundreds of workers blockading the Krai administration building. Any moment there may be new blockade of all the communications in Primorie. Meanwhile in Moscow the miners have decided to continue their picket for an indefinite period of time despite the ban imposed by Moscow and Federal govt.

Their delegation has recently come to Rostov-on-Don region to get support for and coordinate the future actions with the local miners strike committee. A group of 23 Cheliabinsk miners came to Moscow to support the protest outside the govt. Building. The authorities are entensifing pressure on the protesters. Today one miner has been detained by police. Join the solidarity campaing with Russian miners, send them letters and telegrams of solidarity.

The address is

121910 Russia Moscow

Novy Arbat str.15

N 24-01 NPG of Russia

tel/fax (7 095) 202 61 20

Two numbers «Miners’ picket» bulletin were issued this week.