Declaration of Marxist groups


Nowadays the working class struggle is getting mass and more organized character. It is doomed to fail without a party that would represent the fundamental interests of the proletariat and set as its first task the introduction of communist ideology into the consciousness of the working class.

Such a party does not now exist. There are plenty of parties and organizations that are communist in name, but their programs and activities are at variance with the key principles of Marxism. Therefore Marxists must fix clear ideological boundaries between them and opportunists of different kinds. It can only be done on the basis of certain ideological principles.

We believe that a Marxist party must base its work on the following principals:

- Marxist methodology for analyzing the social processes (dialectical materialism, the priority of objective factors over ideas

- consistent defense of the interests of the proletariat,

- class solidarity - proletarian internationalism - the party does not limit its activities to a certain territory, the struggle of proletariat has a worldwide character

- the main objective of the Marxist party is to set up conditions for the overcoming of the alienation through the revolutionary reorganization of the society, abolition of the main obstacle for the further development of the society - private property.

There are Marxists in many left-wing organizations who have already realized the necessity for setting up such a party and have been working in this direction. The task now is to bring them together.


Kazan city branch of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League (Russia)

Kirov Young Communist League - RYCL(b) (Russia)

Moscow city branch of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League (Russia)

Murmansk Young Communist League - Spartak Red Guard (Russia)

Sebastopol Marxist group (Ukraine)

have joined our forces in order to develop further agitation and propaganda for creation of an international (world) Marxist proletarian party and the elaboration of its ideological platform.

For these purposes we have established a joint editorial board. We invite all those who hold the same views to cooperate, and are ready to unite with any group pursuing the same object.

Vladimir region


August, 4, 1998