A Resolution of the Workers' Meeting of ZIM Plant (Samara)

We, the workers of ZIM, declare that our bosses and authorities deceived us so many times and with such impudence that we no longer believe anybody and anything. We therefore declare to all that from now on we won't let anybody to touch our ZIM before we don't get paid our back wages. No to bankruptcies, no to joint-stock companies, and no to outside managers! That's all! Now we are the masters of the plant! First, pay us our back wages--then we can talk. Hands off ZIM!

To the Workers of the Ball-Bearing Plant #4:

Good for you!

We, the workers of ZIM, support your strike with all our heart. As a token of our solidarity with you, we will blockade the Novo-Sadovaya Street (the central thoroughfare of the city--VB.). Follow us! Together we'll overcome! (the Strike Committee of ZIM)

We Need to Make a Decisive Step! We need to convene an extraordinary conference of ZIM workers because of the following problem. We know that Letyagin, our new general manager has taken a number of energetic measures to solve the crisis. But these measures have not been successful because they were sabotaged by the entire gang of thieves inside the factory as well as outside it. They include the hacks of the former director (who burned the accounting office) and the gigantic thievish gang of creditors, bureaucrats, authorities and other "friends of the people" talk about their love to us while doing everything in order to finish off the factory as soon as possible.

In this, all these hyenas are united! Because the death of ZiM means enrichment to them--and death to us! It's clear that Letyagin cannot save the factory on his own. This gang of predators will sooner break his neck rather than let the plant out their paws. This is why the strike committee thinks that under such circumstances we can win only by joining together the efforts of Letyagin and the collective action of 5,000 angry, hungry, pauperized workers of ZIM. And we are ready for this.

We have nothing to lose! ZIM is a state enterprise, i.e. we have the right to put our demands before any state representative, including the President, if we firmly wish so. This is what we want to discuss at the conference. We'll invite to it all whom we find necessary to (some names of their enemies are mentioned here). And we'll call them to account for their actions. Let them only try not to come and to deceive us again. 5,000 ZIM workers make five proletarian regiments. We'll get out lawful money from them, we'll get them! We shall win if unite together the great power of our collective with the intelligence and knowledge of our new director and those managers and technical personnel who are honest, bold and believe in ZIM! We can get what we need only by force!



The criminal regime has brought Russia to the unheard-of shame and humiliation and has thrown her people to poverty and misery. This regime must be overthrown! For long decades we lived as serfs of the feudal CPSU. Now, new exploiters-- democrats have thrown us into the new, bourgeois slavery. It was the gang of communists and democrats who has brought Russia to the brink of catastrophe. It can be prevented only by a revolutionary organized working class.

There is no any other social force that can do this! This is why we, workers, are taking today all power and responsibility for the fate of our society. The mafioso-type, festering administration of Yeltsin has to be dissolved immediately and unconditionally. All power will be transferred into the hands of revolutionary strike committees which will be fully accountable to workers' meetings and conferences. This will become the main law of life! Any power--unless it is strictly controlled by the organized masses--instantaneously degenerates and produces new mean exploiters no matter how beautifully masked.

All to the Square of Glory! Down with the Communists and Democrats! Down with Parliaments and Presidents! Long Live the Power of Workers! Long Live Revolution! Signed:

The Strike Committee of ZiM The Strike Committee of the City of Samara