Human rights violetions in Tadjikistan


The President of Tadjikistan (one of the asian republics of the former USSR) I. Rakhmonov has signed this week three decrees which violate the human rights and will seriosly effect political life in the Republic. Earlier he intended to ban opposition parties and first of all the biggest and most influential one - the Communist Party of Tadjikistan as well as its youth branch Leninist Young Communist League.

When his proposal was rejected by the majority in the Parlaiment he sanctioned nationalisation of all the property of the CPT, including assets, bank accounts and membership fees. Communist newspapers were banned. The second decree proclaims out of law every political and even non-political organisation recieving financial, political or moral aid from abroad, or affiliated with any kind of international structures. The second decree will directly affect CPT and YCL of Tadjikistan because of their affiliation with UCP-CPSU and AULYCL respectivly.

It will also prevent our comrades from lauching an interantional campaign which would mean that they appeal for a political aid from abroad. The third decree gives more power to the President in order to defend his "honor and dignity", that means severe sanctions against political oppostion.

Such tough measures by Rakhmonov would be impossible without direct support from Russian President Yeltsin and Uzbek authourities, both having signed a special convention with Tadjik President. In case the left-wing opposition to Rakhmonov regime is weakened a new thread will emerge - the islamic far-right armed groupes linked with afgan talibans will possibly take the power in the Republic.