More pickets and new blockade of railways in Russia. From the 3thd of July miners and other employees of Kuzbass region restarted the total blockade of the Trans-Siberian railway despite the threats by local and federal authorities to lift the blockade by forth. In the region led by so-called "red governor" CPRF member Aman Tuleyev the first actions have been brought against miners leaders.

Vorkuta miners went on strike and have also blockaded a railway in the North of Russia. Though the first money have been transferred to Vorkuta and Inta and some miners have already got part of their back wages their representatives in Moscow picketing the govt. building support the action and confirm they will not move away until their demands concerning nationalisation of the coal-mining industry, resignation of President, his govt. and fresh elections in Russia are satisfied.

Defence workers from Nizhni Novgorod (till recently led by Boris Nevtsov), Ulianovsk, Vladimir, Tula, Kazan and some other regions are on their march on Moscow and on the 8th of July will reach the capital. They coincide with the miners in the political demands and will stage another picket outside Defence ministry building in Moscow for an indefinite period of time. Meetings of the support have been organised in Saratov.

Representatives from Leningrad heavy engineering and metallurgical works, some Samara defence works, Yaroslavl factories have joined Moscow miners picket. Power industry workers in Primorie region are on strike demanding their back wages and President's resignation. In Kiev Ukrainian miners picketing outside parliament and govt. buildings support Russian miners' action. On the 13th of July Karaganda miners will start their protest campaign in solidarity with their Russian colleagues and against new dismissals.