On the 8th of June unpaid workers from Kazakhstan city of Kentau started their march on Almaty. Some of them have not got their wages for 3 years. It was a self-organised march, but supported by local branch of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions. There was no political demands from the workers' part. They just wanted their wages to be paid off. The protesters were immediately stopped by police forces. More than 200 people were arrested. On the 9th of June 5 people were sentenced to 15 days imprisonment, 8 people - to 10 days and 1 person - to 7 days. On the 15th of June a new case against the FITD (trade union) will be open in the local court. The Federation of Independent Trade Unions may be banned by the decision of the court. This is not the first time that Nazarbaiev regime tries to dissolve workers' organisations and prevent them from defending rights of the proletariat.

Letters of protest are to be sent to the following address:

480067 Kazakhstan

Alma-Ata pl.Respubliki 4

The President N.Nazarbayev

fax 63-76-33 (in Alma-Ata)


MGO VLKSM press centre