To the struggling Russian miners

Yorkshire,24th July 1998


Dear Comrades,


Some years ago when the British miners were fighting for our rights against the reactionary Thatcher government, we received the support of the miners of the Soviat Union. Now the Russian miners are fighting the no less reactionary government of Boris Yeltsin, I am proud to express my warmest sympathy and firm support for you.

Here in Britain, we are also fighting for our rights, wages and jobs. So, in a very real sense, your fight is our fight also. Working people of all countries face the same problems and the same enemies.

I am convinced of the justness of your cause, and will do everything in my power to inform the National Union of Mineworkers and the British Labour movement of your problems.The struggle of the Russian miners is an inspiration to working people everywhere.


Comradely greetings,

The miners must win!

Nigel Pearce Vice-chairman of the Yorkshire National Union of Miners (NUM)

member of the National Executive Committee of the NUM (personal capacity)