During the last seven years the workers of Kazakhstan are being deprived of their most fundamental rights. Thousands of plants, factories and state-owened enterprises are being closed. The unemployment has reached unprecedented rates. But those who are lucky enough to get a job face another problem - not being paid. One has to wait up to a year to get his miserable salary. The vast majority of the Kazakh population lives below the limit of poverty.

This has became the main reason for various protests recently staged all over the Republic. There have been unrests in the miners regions of Karaganda, Kentau, Dzhambul, in the capital - the city of Alma-Ata as well as in many other regions of Kazakhstan.

Almost all of them have been organized by the Workers Movement of Kazakhstan. Its well-know leader a construction worker Model ISMAILOV is among the first political victims of the Nazarbayev's regime. Last year Ismailov was detained under a false pretext of illegal organization of a rally of protest against the announced rise of prices for housing, gas, electricity, water. He was sentenced then to one year of imprisonment, but lately set free as a result of the international solidarity campaign.

This year he has been arrested once again, this time being charged with insulting the Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Last year in his public speech Ismailov qualified the political regime in his country as inhuman and undemocratic one.

The political trial was held behind closed doors. Not a single journalist was let in. The workers leader was sentenced to a year in prison. He is on hunger strike since the last month and faced some serious health problems. He needs your support, your solidarity.


The first thing everyone can do is to send letters of protest to the President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev. Here are some useful addresses and fax numbers:

480067 Kazakhstan Alma-Ata pl.Respubliki 4

The President N.Nazarbayev

fax 63-76-33 (in Alma-Ata)

The best thing to do is to organize a picket, a rally or a demonstration of protest in front of a Kazakh Embassy, Consulate, Trade Delegation whatever there are in your city.

In any case please keep us informed about anything you do in this respect via e-mail and do not hesitate to ask any question you have.

Workers of the world, unite!

Write to us mgo@aha.ru