To the Police

Do not spill workers' blood. It is easy to make a mistake today. The authorities have many times used you as a boggy-man to protect themselves. Until now you served as a buffer between the two exploiting classes: the old feudals of CPSU and the new predatory bourgeoisie who wear the masks of communists and democrats. E.g., the communists still manage to lead some sections of desperate pensioners, invalids, and veterans right under your batons.

But today the very working class itself has run out of patience and does not believe anybody and anything. We are not the pitiful crowds with red flags but tens of millions of people. We'll sweep away the old and the new oppressors! We'll do this by any means and establish our own proletarian power which will indeed express the interests of the people.

This is why we're telling you: do not stand on our way! Instead, help workers detachments in their struggle with crime, banditism, and the mafia. We'll squash this scum! Police, workers are not armed. Think twice to avoid making a terrible mistake and becoming criminals . You will not be forgiven. Remember whose sons and brothers you are and whom you must serve.

You can become either heroes or criminals. Become heroes!

The Strike Committee of ZIM


The Strike Committee of Samara Resolution of the Meeting of ZIM workers 3 February 1998

Brothers journalists!

You can see by yourselves what is going on. It is the bosses and the authorities who compel us to take extreme actions. We have a big request to you. We know that it will not be easy for you because you have your own bosses and your bread is not sweet either. And yet, please, try to tell only truth about our struggle, only truth and nothing more!

We shake your hands, we rely on you. You have great power in your hands!


To Workers and Workers' Organizations of All Countries!

We send our ardent proletarian salute to all of you who expressed support to the workers of Samara and myself personally in our revolutionary struggle against Russian bourgeoisie. Your support, your solidarity has helped and continues to help us to stand firm against authorities and exploiters. We shall not retreat, we'll go to the end--to the victory of a new proletarian revolution.

We shake your hands and wish you firmness and courage in your struggle.

Long Live the Power of Workers!

Long Live the Dictatorship of the Proletariat!

The Strike Committee of Samara,

The Chairman of the Committee Grigory Isayev "stachkom"

Tel. 35-32-62