On the 13th-14th of December 1998 the XXV congress of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League was held in Moscow. On the second day delegations from Moscow, Kazan, Kirov, Nizhni Novgorod, Tver, Obninsk, Sebastopol (Ukraine), part of Crimea delegation walked out in protest against nationalist, anti-Semitic position expressed by Leningrad branch of AULYCL and not condemned by the delegates. Their statement was supported by Estonian and Kazakh delegations.

The political situation in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and many other republics of the ex-USSR are getting more tense. There has been a tremendous rise of the workers movement in Russia. The last summer railway war, examples of the taking over the power by the workers in different regions of Russia has showed the perspectives for the proletarian revolution, proved the importance of correct slogans for left-wing organisations and lack of the true Marxist party.

At the same time there was a rise of the far right fascist and nationalist movements in many republics as well. Their motto is "Great Russia for Russians", they call to fight against Jews, Caucasians, Asians or foreigners, not against capitalism and exploitation. There are so called communists and Bolsheviks that collaborate with openly fascist groups including Russian National Unity great admires of Hitler or with National Bolsheviks (Limonov). Nationalist and anti-Semitic statements were made by CPRF leaders. CPRF has its representative in Russian government and is nothing more than a bourgeoisie party sharing the power with other bourgeoisie groups.

On the 3rd of January MGO VLKSM (Moscow komsomol branch) at the general meeting decided to leave AULYCL and called for the left wing in the komsomol to follow the example and make a joint effort with other Marxist-Leninist forces to form a true communist proletarian party in the ex-USSR.