Welcome to the web-page dedicated to the workers' movement! We will cover the latest news on the struggle of proletariat in Russia and other republics of the former USSR. Our moto is "Workers of the World, unite!" Solidarity is a great thing. Get informed and join us!



New workers' newspaper in the Net


Workers take control of a town in Tula region

Left in Russia and nationalism: why we have left komsomol



Marxists of all countries, unite!

To the struggling Russian miners from Yorkshire


Two months of protest in Russia:

Miners to President: "Boris, we brought you to power, we shall throw you down!"

New railway blockaded


Kazakhstan: new protests, new repressions

Hunam rights violation in Tadjikistan


Russian miners want their wages to be payed. They blocked Trans-Siberian Railway.Teachers and doctors joined the protest. Read more on their struggle. Here you will find some articles published by international as well as russian news agencies.

Vorkuta Miners Hold Authorities Prisoners

Duma opposition vows to stymie legislation until wages paid

Russian coal miners protest over wage delays

Angry miners strike for back wages

Russian Miners Protest Despite Wage Promise


The repression of political opposition in Kazakhstan


Though obviosly we do not share some of the key ideas put forward by the leaders of the Samara strike committee, we consider the fight of the "ZIM"workers to be a significant part of the rising class struggle in Russia. Once it was said in "The Manifesto" that communists have no other interests than the interests of the proletariat , therefor we offer you resolutions and some other

documents from the Samara strike committee .


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