The machine-building plant has always been the centre of life and the only way to get their living for thousands of workers in Yasnogorsk, a town in Tula region close to Moscow. The plant is functioning and its productions is being sold despite of the crisis.

Nevertheless for more than 10 months the workers have not been paid. Many times they applied to the region administration composed in the majority by CPRF members and to the governor of Tula region, the party protege Vasily Starodubtsev. There was no result, the authorities has always been loyal to the bourgeoisie law and the owners of the plant.

In the beginning of December the workers have lost patience, organised a general meeting of the employees and elected a new plant administration. When the owners of the plant refused to recognise the results of the meeting, the workers took control over the plant in their hands. The workers committee was set up that now controls the new administration, production, selling, all the finances, distribution of wages.But all the bank accounts of the plant were blocked by the authorities and the owners, later two members of the new administration were arrested.

That provoked a real social explosion in Yasnogorsk. Workers detained members of the previous administration and forced them to sign papers recognising the workers committee and abdicating all their rights. The committee threatened to blockade the nearby railway unless two of the elected directors were set free.

Local police and town administration were obliged to collaborate with the workers committee and in some cases replaced by the organised workers. "This is a revolution" - they believe. Almost half of the total population of the town went to blockade the rail road and only special police forces mobilised and brought by the region administration from Tula prevented the workers from paralysing one of the main railway in Russia.

But the authority failed to take back the control of the town.

The struggle is far from being over.

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