Stop feeding us rotten stuff   

Even the dog won't eat this 

There are not warms   

It is dead flys' larves. It can be washed off by brine  

Boiled borshch  

Impotent rage overflow   

Sailors refused to eat borshch   

God, give our bread needs todays   

All hands on deck!   

Who liked with borshch - two step forward - go away   

The others will be jerked up on mast   

Call the guards!   

Get back, rascals! These passage is not for you   

Stand at attention!   

Oh god! Teach unrulys!   



Whom do you shoot? Rifles are wavered   


Shoot, diabols!   

Take up arms!   

Beat them all!   

Go to the bottom to feed warms!   

Brothers, we shall over come!   

The man is overboard!   

And those who was the first to take up war-cry,  was the first to fall in action 

The dead is calling  
... rising  
... coast  
... killed sailor  

-We will remember  the reason is a spoon of borshch   

Death to the opressors!  

Make revenge to bloody vampires  

Eternal glory to killed fighter!  

All for one and one for all!   

Mathers and brothers!  

Land for us, tomorroy for us!  

We shall over come! 

Odessa stair way   

In these memorable days lived common live  with revolutionary  battleship   
...and suddenly   

Listen, don't shoot!   

My son is feeling bad   


Target - the theater of Odessa, to staff of generals 

A meeting with squadron   

All Odessa is waiting liberators   

Don't landing!   

Sguadron is on horizon   

All hands on deck!!   

Be ready to battle!   

At full speed   


"Join us"   

Enemy is a way of shot   

All to one, one to all   

Is it shot?   




Revolutionary battleship went through a lines of squadron,  not even shoot ones, proudly blowing red flag of liberty