1. News

Please, inform us on events concerning Origami in your country and city, school and studio. It is necessary to send the announcement about forthcoming events, taking into account the periodicity of the journal publication, beforehand. Your information can then appear in nearest issue of the journal. It is desirable to accompany the messages by photos or other illustrations.


The editorial staff of the journal considers all offers concerning the publications in the journal and it appendices. The not ordered manuscripts and other materials are not re-turned and are not reviewed.

2.1 Publications author's origami

It is necessary to the author of the work to send a folded item (whenever possible with drawings - schemes of folding) and your photo to the editorial office of the journal for the publication on pages of the journal. Indicate, please, your accurate home address and kind of occupations (for the students - age and ? of school). It is desirable to write some words about yourself.

2.2 Publications of the articles

If you possess an interesting material, which, to your mind, can interest the readers of the journal, send its brief contents and any page (at your discretion) to us. Indicate the method of communication with you in case if the sent materials interest us.

2.3 Publication of illustrations and photos

The editorial staff welcomes the readers sending crossword puzzles, pictures and photos appropriate to the subjects and spirit of the journal.

3. The Internet version of the journal

The Electronic version of the journal in Internet contains: - full texts of all messages in Russian and English languages; - all photos, published in the journal; - drawings - schemes of one of the works of the issue (at the discretion of editorial staff) It is possible to be acquainted with the contents of the journal through Internet before its appearance!

4. Advertisements

The editorial staff does not bear the responsibility for the contents of the promotional materials. The noncommercial advertising about origami is published on the pages of the journal free of charge. We are interested in the advertisers, including "barter" adver-tising in the children's journals and educational and methodical editions.