#1(1), 1996

The contents

Happy birthday!
To our readers
Origami for beginners
Symbols in origami and some folding's methods
Nodding dog by John Smith (England)
Basket by Natalia Romashova (Russia)
Children's corner
Two swans by Galia Skorohvatova (Russia)
Flower by Zhenia Nikokosheva (Russia)
Barking dog by Sandra Afonkina (Russia)
Origami for the teachers
Mouse head by Elena Anashkina (Russia)
Two mice by Hilly Jongsma (Holland)
Interview with teachers
G.Zubkovskaia, the head of adminisration of colledge 513, St.Petersburg
Y.Krasavtzeva, a teacher in primary school
Is it possible to teach origami to three years olds?
Origamist's Portrait
Fairy tale words by Yoshihide Momotani
Origami tales by N.Prostiakova
Origami for the connoisseurs
( , )Happy birthday by Sergei Afonkin (Russia)
Practical origametry
New works
Baby Dragon by Liana Andreeva (Russia)
Ostrich by Konstantin Kochetkov (Russia)
Vase by Natalia Romashova (Russia)
Sea-horse by Natalia Romashova (Russia)
Lokhness Monster by Natalia Romashova (Russia)
Our drawing room
Origami studio in Tomsk
Origami News
We are written to
Book shelf
Culture and traditions
Gohei paper's strips and goddess Amaterasu