#2(2), 1996

The contents

        What is origami for?
        Our reader
Origami for beginners
        Racing (classical model
        Owl by Tatyana Mironova (Russia)
       Water bomb (classical model)
Children's corner
        Dog,s muzzle by Sergei Breiman (Russia)
        Cube by Alexander Kostukov (Russia)
        Rabbit by Alexander Tupin (Russia)
        Pegasus by Pavel Borisov (Russia)
Origami for the teachers
        Origami and folklore
        Fox by Paul Jackson (England)
        Tale about captain's hat by V.Dneprovsky, Moscow
       Origami in primary school
        V.Pudova, the teacher of handicraft
        Ornament by Valentina Pudova (Russia)
Origamist's Portrait
        Robert Harbin
        Tree by Robert Harbin (England)
Inflatable models by E.Besrukih
        Rabbit by Elena Bezrukih (Russia)
        Mouse by Elena Bezrukih (Russia)
        Squirrel by Elena Bezrukih (Russia)
        Octopus by Elena Bezrukih (Russia)
Lady Joan
        Robin by Joan Homewood (England)
Origami for the connoisseurs
        Velociraptor by Elena Afonkina (Russia)
        Tetratriplex by Vladimir Mikhalkinski (Russia)
        Four interwoven triangles by Vladimir Mikhalkinski (Russia)
 Practical origametry New works
       Two hearts by Tatyana Khliamova (Russia)
Origami News
We are written to
Book shelf
Culture and traditions
        Children festivals in Japan