#3(3), 1996

The contents

        Exhibition in Polytechnical museum
Origami for beginners
        Mr. Walker (classical model)
        Wolking spider by Katia Mashnina (Russia)
        Marcia Mau's dog (creator is unknown)
Children's corner
        Dog by Roman Verso (Russia)
        Frog with eyes by Dima Ziablitsky (Russia) 
        Box for sweets by Yuri Aleksandrov (Russia)
Origami for the teachers
        How to learn origami diagraming
        Folding and spelling practice
        Simple fish by Valentina Cukanova (Russia)
        Wrining works about origami
        Azakov's module and Nikitin's cubes
        Module by Ivan Asakov (Russia)
        Chains of images
        Sanbo's box (classical model)
        Half-transparent stars
        Transparant star by Tatiana Khliamova (Russia)
Origamist's Portrait
        Paul Jackson
        A temple at the foot of Fuji by Paul Jackson (England)
        Cars by Mr.Nousho
        Small lory by Katsushi Nousho (Japan)
        Folkswagen by Katsushi Nousho (Japan)
Origami for the connoisseurs
        SST by James Sakoda (USA)
        Calanta by Natalia Gladkih (Russia)
        Matrioshka by Ludmila Lezneva (Russia)
Practical origametry
New works
        Balalaika by Tatiana Kuranova (Russia)
        Snail Runny by Irina Smirnova (Russia)
Origami News
  We are written to
Book shelf
Japan culture
        Adventures of wooden shaving
        Word of japanese house